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How to access/compute the prediction intervals printed out by apollo_prediction()?

Ask questions about post-estimation functions (e.g. prediction, conditionals, etc) or other processing of results.
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How to access/compute the prediction intervals printed out by apollo_prediction()?

Post by Lucas_W » 16 Nov 2021, 14:50

Hi David and Stephane,

I did a scenario-analysis with a simple ordered logit modle using apollo_prediction():

Code: Select all

pred <- apollo_prediction(Model.3,apollo_probabilities,apollo_inputs,prediction_settings = list(runs=100))
The 95% prediction/confidence intervals of the market shares are printed to the console but I'm rather interested in either finding a way to save them as objects or alternatively to compute them "by hand" using the output in pred$draws. Searching through your manual and academic paper I couldn't find how exactly they are computed.

The issue is that I'm applying a bootstrap-like procedure like so:

Code: Select all <- list()
for(j in 1:500){ <- manipulate_wt(wt.original,new.wt.distribution) # randomly assigns WaitingTime intervals to the observations according to new.wt.distribution using sample()
	database$WaitingTime <-
	apollo_inputs <- apollo_validateInputs()
	pred <- apollo_prediction(Model.3,apollo_probabilities,apollo_inputs,prediction_settings = list(runs=100))[[j]] <- colMeans(pred$at_estimates[,3:5]) # save market shares for each j
Now I'd like to not only save the point estimates at each iteration but also the prediction intervals for each j. Is there any (painless) way to do this?


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Re: How to access/compute the prediction intervals printed out by apollo_prediction()?

Post by stephanehess » 29 Nov 2021, 13:46


the object returned in pred$draws is a cube, with observations in the first dimension (rows), alternatives in the second (columns), and replications in the third dimension.

From this, you can obtain the CIs as:

agg <- apply(pred$draws, MARGIN=c(2,3), sum, na.rm=TRUE)
lower_CI <- apply(agg, MARGIN=1, quantile, probs=0.025)
upper_CI <- apply(agg, MARGIN=1, quantile, probs=0.975)

Stephane Hess

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